All students are given a Microsoft Office 365 account when they start at JCG. All students must have signed the Acceptable Use Policy in order to access this along with all other platforms used in the college.

They can access Office 365 from any device, both at school and at home, by going to This account allows them to download a free copy of the Microsoft Office Suite onto a personal computer and a mobile device. Students can save their work into One Drive and access their documents from both home and school.

Please note that once a student leaves JCG, this account is deleted and the software will no longer work on personal devices and any data saved in One Drive will be lost.

Mobile Devices

Whilst having a mobile device is not compulsory, it is desirable. Many students bring their device into school to support their learning.

We advise that all mobile devices be connected to the school’s Wi-Fi network. By using the school network students will be able to access the internet using a secure and filtered system and have the option to print work if necessary.

By a mobile device we mean smart phone, tablet or notebook. Please be aware that some devices are not compatible with our network, non- compatible devices include android phones and tablets, Chromebooks, and windows phones. We recommend where possible that the mobile device is connected to a keyboard to improve functionality and ease of use.

We would recommend the following apps for learning:

Modern Foreign Languages

Word Reference


Generally recommended by students and teachers
Office 365 apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and OneDrive – students will receive a free licence for Office365 apps for the duration of their education at the College.
Show My Homework (iOS app only)*
Clickview (iOS app only)*
Chrome web browser
Quizlet – a revision and quiz app
All of the generally recommended apps listed are free to download and are pre-installed on the school iPads
*Can be accessed using web browser/Webapp shortcut

Before your child downloads the suggested app, please create an under 13 Apple ID or a Windows account for your child. Details can be found on the following links.

Apple ID:

Windows account:

It is essential that students have their separate account which is managed by parents or guardians. Students will be given their school email address and passwords at the start of term.

At the start of the Autumn term there will be a Year 7 induction course where we will assist your child with connecting their device to the College Wi-Fi, accessing their email accounts and licensing the Microsoft Office365 products.

If you require further advice please contact the JCG IT department by emailing