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Archive Charging Policy

Author: Tracy Peters
Date:  July 2022

 The Jersey College for Girls Archive consists mainly of copies of records, objects and documents transferred to the Jersey Archive. Please refer to www.jerseyheritage.org Table of Fees, for details of their charging policy. 

Searches of our catalogue for basic information and highlighting of where this information might also be found is free of charge. Time for extensive research by JCG staff is limited. However, Jersey College for Girls will charge for research carried out by the Librarian and Archivist at an appropriate rate. This rate is currently £25 per hour. You will be advised of the expected time scale of any research to be undertaken and then asked to confirm your acceptance of this charging policy. 

JCG will make a reasonable charge for postage, photocopies etc. Again, you will be advised of the likely cost of these and asked to confirm your acceptance prior to the work being carried out.