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Archive Management Policy

Author: Tracy Peters
Date: July 2022

Aims of the policy 

This document constitutes a statement of the Archive Management Policy of Jersey College for Girls (JCG) and aims to explain the basis on which material is acquired and managed. It ensures material is accepted according to a recognised strategy and serves as a reference document to guide curatorial decisions. Its purpose is to provide information and guidance to past and present members of the College community and the wider community as to the principles governing the development and management of collections within the Archive. This document should be read in conjunction with the Archive Charging Policy and the Donations Policy.


The Jersey College for Girls Archive holds records pertaining to the management, administration and daily life of the College. These are no longer of current use by College officers. Records are retained where they are likely to be of long-term historical value and can be made available to scholars and the College community with minimal restriction. Although the majority of the records pertain to the business of the College, the Archive also holds records of associated societies and personal papers of those closely connected to the College. Many of the records kept at the JCG Archive are duplicates of original documents transferred to the Jersey Archive who have their own Archive Management Policies. 

Purpose of the Collection

The primary function of the Archive is to preserve the history of the College and its members. The College recognises the need to maintain its holdings in perpetuity to support the wider College aims of providing an outstanding education environment, capturing and amplifying our culture and serving our community. The main role of the Archivist, in conjunction with staff at the Jersey Archive, is to assess donations, maintain the collections and enable access to them, while at the same time ensuring their long-term preservation. 

Description of the Collection 

The JCG Archive consists of the administrative records of the College going back to its foundation in the 19th century, though records from the College’s foundation years are sporadic due to a fire in the late 1800s. A very small number of records fall outside of these dates, having been used as teaching resources, not necessarily pertaining to JCG but kept as part of its ‘history of teaching’. Records include further teaching resources, photographs, artwork, school calendars, estate papers and records of those attending the College, House reports, performance cassettes and videos, school magazines, prize lists, details of uniforms. Records of student, parent and ‘Old Girls’ clubs and societies are held. There are also personal papers and collections of former College members. The Collection is housed primarily in secure storage at the Jersey Archive, Clarence Road, St Helier with copies and duplicates in Roberts Building at JCG.