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Payment of Fees Policy

Updated: February 2023

In consultation with the Board of Governors and the Government of Jersey CYPES, the fees for Jersey College for Girls (JCG) and Jersey College Preparatory School (JCP) are subject to an annual review each Spring Term in advance of the start of the next academic year. 

Fees are paid a term in advance by direct debit and payment is either taken in full on the first day of term or monthly, commencing 1 June, 1 October and 1 February for the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms respectively. Parents who do not settle their accounts in full on or before the first day of term will be given a further opportunity to do so, including agreeing a repayment plan. All applications for entry, and continuing attendance, are subject to the ability of parents to meet the fees. 

Financial Assistance 

Financial Assistance is available for students whose parents would otherwise, not be able to send their daughter to the College. We aim to offer an education to all female students in Jersey who meet our academic entry criteria. Financial Assistance, from a number of sources, is available to help pay all or part of the school fees for your family. In addition to the fees, an amount per year is also provided to support with additional costs. Students from all backgrounds attend our school and all requests will be treated in the strictest confidence. The administration of financial assistance is handled by the Clerk to the Governing Body and the Principal on behalf of the Governing Body. 

Short-term assistance is available for from Year 3 upwards. It is vital that parents seeking short-term assistance submit their applications, which must be accompanied by their Tax Assessment for the relevant year, completed and returned to Clerk to the Governors swiftly, together with any supporting evidence required. 

At JCG, longer term financial assistance is available from the College and a number of charitable trusts including the JCG Foundation on a means tested basis. Long-term awards are made in the Spring Term for the following September. They are subject to annual review and may be adjusted according to changes in income and circumstances. Application forms for short and long-term financial assistance are available from the Principal’s PA. 

Whilst each case is considered on an individual basis, we set out below the Government of Jersey Treasury’s usual process for the collection of JCG and JCP’s fees.

  1. Treasury raises invoices 4 months ahead of the start of term using data supplied by JCG and JCP.
  2.  Treasury runs payments check 7 working days after the start of term and sends a reminder to any parent whose account remains unpaid in full or in part enclosing a copy of the fees policy. 
  3. Treasury runs a payment check 21 working days after the first check. A second reminder letter is sent warning the parent that their child’s place will be forfeit at the end of the term unless they (i) settle the debt; (ii) agree a repayment plan for the outstanding balance and adhere to the commitments entered into; or (iii) financial assistance is agreed and put in place by JCG. The schools are provided with a list of all late payers on a monthly basis. 
  4. The schools send a follow up letter to the parent reinforcing the original letter from Treasury. 
  5. If fees remain outstanding and no payment plan (or financial assistance with the College) have been agreed and are in place by the half term, then the parent will be notified that the student’s name will be removed from the school roll at the end of term and any debt will be referred to the Petty Debts Court. In these circumstances parents are responsible for contacting CYPES to arrange alternative schooling for their child. 
  6. The Principal will contact CYPES to affect the removal. This is obviously the last resort and JCG and JCP will take all reasonable steps to avoid this situation occurring.

A full term’s notice of the intention to withdraw a pupil from the school must be given in writing to the Principal or Head Teacher failing which a full term’s fees will be charged in lieu. Accordingly, notice must be given:

  1. on or before the last day of the Summer Term to withdraw a pupil at the end of the following Autumn Term; 
  2. on or before the last day of the Autumn Term to withdraw a pupil at the end of the following Spring Term; or 
  3. on or before the last day of the Spring Term to withdraw a pupil at the end of the following Summer term.

For the avoidance of doubt, the termly fees are not subject to deduction in the event of school closures/reduced service (whether due to inclement weather, industrial action or other reasons). No liability is accepted in relation to any costs howsoever arising in the case of school closures/reduced service.