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Governing Body Policy for Appointing Invited Governors

Author:  Carl Howarth
Date:  February 2023
Next review:  February 2025


The Education (Jersey) Law 1999 (the “Law”) provides that Invited Governors are co-opted by the Parent Governors and the Staff Governors (each as defined in the Law).

For the purposes of this policy, any reference to the Governing Body shall mean the Governing Body as a whole (comprising the Parent Governors, the Staff Governors and the Invited Governors of JCG and JCP).

This policy is intended to support the Parent Governors and the Staff Governors (together the “Elected Governors”) and the other members of the Governing Body by providing guidelines for the process of appointing Invited Governors.


  1. The Board of Governors has delegated responsibility for the recruitment of Governors to the Board to the Governance Sub-Committee.
  2. The Term of Office for a Governor is three years to be renewed once with the term of the Chair being repeated on election (to a maximum of twelve years).
  3. When deciding on the selection of the Chair, it is to be borne in mind that the neutral role of the Chair is an essential and necessary attribute for a strong and effective Governing Body.
  4. It is accepted that to be effective the Chair needs to ideally have had a period as the Vice Chair.
  5. It is the responsibility of the Governance Sub-Committee to ensure that effective succession planning is in place to achieve a smooth and supportive transition for the Governing Body and the College.
  6. The Law does not specify a maximum limitation on the number of Invited Governors as this number will be determined by the needs of the College from time to time.
  7. In considering the appointment of Invited Governors, the Governance Sub-Committee will:
    • consider the skills set of the Governing Body in supporting the current and future needs of the College;
    • consider the terms of office for Governors and succession planning strategies;
    • consider the views of the Governing Body on the basis that a united board will ensure effectiveness; and
    • acknowledge that all appointments are subject to the appointment by the Elected Governors as required by Law.
  8. It is accepted that there could be special circumstances where a Governor may be asked to stay on longer; an example could be a major project that is under way which requires the particular skills of a Governor.
  9. In considering the re-appointment of serving Invited Governors, regard should be given to the overall level of experience and expertise on the Board to avoid too many changes.
  10. It is accepted that many changes of Governors over a relatively short period may not ensure full support or governance of the College.
  11. Personal attributes which may be taken into account by the Governing Body in considering the appointment or re-appointment of Invited Governors might include the following:
    • Approachability 
    • Empathy 
    • Gravitas 
    • Intelligence 
    • Willingness to work as part of a team and build relationships of trust, respect and candour with fellow board members 
    • Creativity 
    • Enthusiasm for education and the College 
    • Independence of thought and judgment 
    • Openness and transparency 
    • Willingness to play a full role in the life of the College
    • An understanding of the difference between strategic direction and operational implementation 
    • An understanding of the legal duties and responsibilities of governorship 
    • Political insight without being political

Process for appointing Invited Governors

  1. At its meeting during the Summer Term, the Governance Sub-Committee will review the terms of office for Invited Governors; succession plans for Governors and the skill set of the Governing Body.
  2. Following such review, the Governance Sub-Committee will inform the Governing Body at its next meeting of the recruitment strategy to be implemented over the next year.
  3. The Governance Sub-Committee will agree an appropriate job description for the Invited Governor that clearly sets out the specific experience and skills that the Governing Body requires. (An exemplar attached at Appendix A).
  4. The Governance Sub-Committee will advertise the vacancy on the College website (see an example at Appendix B). The Sub-Committee will arrange for the link to the Governor vacancy to be circulated and advertised widely (see an example at Appendix C), via methods such as, but not limited to:
    • Governors’ personal contacts;
    • the College Twitter and Facebook;
    • targeted organisations e.g. IOD; and
    • if deemed appropriate, advertised in the local media.
  5. The Governance Sub-Committee will agree which Governors will short-list and sit on the interview panel for each Governor vacancy (the “Panel”), ensuring that the Elected Governors and the Governance Sub-Committee are represented.
  6. Following the closing date, the Clerk to the Governing Body will circulate candidates’ CV and supporting statements to the Panel to enable them to short-list the candidates, copying the Chair of Governors, the Chair of the Governance Sub-Committee and Principal for their information.
  7. Once the short-list for the vacancy has been agreed, the Governance Sub-Committee will inform the full Board of the short-listed candidates for information.
  8. The Clerk to the Governing Body will invite the short-listed applicants for interview and will email the unsuccessful candidates thanking them for their interest.
  9. The Panel will interview the short-listed candidates following which the Panel will:-- inform the Governing Body of the intended Invited Governor, seeking prior ratification of the appointment from the Elected Governor;- invite the successful applicant to join the Governing Body; and- thank the unsuccessful applicants for their interest.

New Governor Induction

The Clerk to the Governing Body will arrange for the newly appointed Governor to be DBS checked and to complete any relevant training (such as on-line safeguarding).

All newly appointed Governors shall receive a full induction that will include:

  • a meeting with the Principal and Head Teacher;
  • a tour of the College;
  • accompanying a member of the College Senior Leadership Team on a learning walk at JCG and JCP;
  • attending one of each of the Governor sub-committee meetings; and
  • receiving an information pack containing:
    • the Governing Body’s Expectations for a Governor
    • the Law
    • the Education Department’s Governors’ Handbook
    • the Governing Body’s meeting reports and minutes for the last year
    • Information on the College (Prospectus, etc.)
    • Synopsis of all current Governors
    • Information about the Governing Body’s sub-committees

Appendix 1 - Exemplar job description

Appendix 2 - Exemplar ad