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Archive Donations Policy

Author: Tracy Peters
Date:  July 2022

Jersey College for Girls will collect, document, preserve and enable access to collections of artefacts, works of art, archival material, specimens and information relating to the history, culture and environment of Jersey College for Girls. It is likely that items will be transferred to Jersey Archive for specialist safe keeping. JCG retains ownership. 

Our collection holds the evidence for its historical development and act as the school community‚Äôs memory thus promoting an inclusive sense of belonging. 

The collection cared for by Jersey College for Girls and Jersey Archive has been built up over the past approximately 140 years, since the founding of Jersey College for Girls and is rich and varied, although some gaps still exist. Therefore, we are delighted to accept offers of material for our collection.

 It is important that we try not to duplicate material and that we do not accept objects and documents that fall outside the definition stated in our Archive Management Policy. In view of this, we may need to know more about the item(s) being offered before we can decide whether they are suitable for the collection.

How to donate

  • If possible, send a photo so that we can see what the objects or archives look like. 
  • Our Librarian and Archivist will contact you to discuss the item(s). It could be that your object is of a type that we do not collect (but another heritage organisation might), in which case you will be advised.

What happens to your donation

  •  Your object or documents will be carefully catalogued, copied where appropriate and a decision made whether to transfer them to the Jersey Archive for storage (most items are transferred). They may be drawn upon for special exhibitions. They will also be made available for research, study and education purposes.

Please do note, however, that: 

  • Jersey College for Girls does not normally accept documents and objects on long-term loan. 
  • Material is not accepted with specific conditions attached.