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Community Use Policy and Procedure

Reviewed By : Gary Briggs
Date : November 2023
Next Review : November 2025

Policy Principles: 

The following are defining principles and that should guide the implementation of the policy:  

  1. Jersey College for Girls (JCG) as an integral part of the community  
    JCG is an integral part of the Jersey community and offers an effective use of taxpayers' investment in providing citizens with a place to come together, volunteer, build skills, access community programs, become physically active and build strong and healthy communities.  
  2. Fair and Equal Access
    JCG is welcoming and inclusive and will offer community organisations and citizens fair access to use of school space at appropriate rates for community purposes in non-school hours.
  3. School Activities are a Priority
    School day activities and extra-curricular activities organised or administered by the school, students and governors shall have priority use of school space during and after regular school hours.
  4.  CYPES Accredited organisations
    CYPES and organisations on its accredited list will have free use of JCG’s basic facilities other than when the school incurs additional cost for caretaking, cleaning, security, lighting or equipment.  Caretaking, cleaning, security or equipment will be charged to the user.
  5. Not-for-profit organisations to be charged nominal rates
    JCG, where feasible, will ensure that after-hours user fees for school facilities are affordable for not-for-profit community users.
  6. Commercial organisations
      Commercial groups who meet CYPES criteria for appropriate users will be charged according to the scale of published fees, which have been designed to incorporate true costs as well as maintenance and replacement costs for equipment used by the hirer.


Community groups using school space

Community groups seeking the use of JCG’s facilities are responsible for adhering to the school’s administrative procedures for the use of school space.  They are also responsible for ensuring that school facilities are utilised in a responsible and respectful manner.  

Procedures and forms:  

  • Conditions of Hire. 
  • Application Form for Hire. 
  • Conditions of Hire - Confirmation Form. 
  • Responsibility for Equipment During Hire. 
  • Emergency Evacuation.  Hire Charges.

Procedures for hiring


When an interested party has indicated that they wish to hire facilities the following procedures will be followed.

  • Arrange for the hirer to converse with the Site Manager. 
    • Find out dates and times required.  
    • Find out what type of event. 
    • Find out rooms required. 
    • Find out how many people will be attending. 
    • Inform the hirer that they could be charged for cleaning of hired areas depending on size of function. 
    • Inform the hirer that in-house catering can be provided or that external catering provider can be used directly.   
    • Explain to the hirer about giving the school a copy of their up-to-date insurance document, showing public third party indemnity no less than £5,000,000.
  • On gaining information from the hirer. 
    • The Site Manager to calculate the overall cost of the event. 
    • Arrange a meeting with the site teams to discuss requirements of hirer. 
    • After discussion, decide upon the availability of the resources required. 
    • Agree or amend costing of event.  
    • Inform the hirer if event can take place along with related costs.  
    • The Site Manager to liaise with caretakers, confirm availability and make necessary arrangements to work. 
    • If required the Site Manager will conduct a risk assessment, implement control measures and send a copy to key stakeholders.  
  • On agreement of the hire of the school premises.
    • Agree the cost with the hirer. 
    • Send the hirer all booking documents by post or via e-mail. 
    • Inform the Office manager so that the provisional booking on the whole school electronic calendar. 
    • Inform staff which rooms / areas will be required, times and dates.
  • On receipt of booking forms and Insurance. 
    • Site Manager to check booking forms received. 
    • Site Manager to check and to contact hirer if documents are not accurate.   
    • Site Manager to check Insurance Document and contact hirer if additional insurance information is required. 
    • Site Manager to file original completed documentation in the Community Bookings File. 
    • Finance Assistant invoice the hirer via the States of Jersey Treasury Department (SOJTD). In her absence the Finance Assistance will make the necessary invoice arrangements.  

Conditions of Hire 


Applications for use of premises must be made on the official booking form and sent to the Site Manager. 


All cheques should be payable to ‘The Treasurer of the States’ 


By the Hirer 

All cancellations of events must be notified to the Site Manager. The Hirer is to notify the Site Manager of any cancellations as far in advance as possible. If the Hirer cancels on a regular basis, permanent bookings will be reviewed for the next session. 

By the College 

The College reserves the right to cancel or close any facility at its discretion. In these circumstances monies paid for unused bookings, or booking period, will be refunded in full. 


The premises may only be used for the purpose specified in the application and in the event of it being used by the Hirer for any other purpose, the College will be entitled to stop the activities and to terminate the booking immediately. The booking fee will not be returnable in such circumstances. 


These shall include a 30-minute preparation and cleaning up time. An extension of the period booked can be granted if the requested times are available. Extension time for an event is made at the discretion of the College. Preparatory operations will not be allowed to commence before the time of the booking and the facility must be cleared of all equipment and persons by the end of the booking except where prior arrangements have been made. 


All agreed equipment available to the College may be used by the hirer at the discretion of the School. All equipment used must be replaced to the location it was found and any faults must be reported to the Site Manager as soon as possible. 


The Hirer shall leave the premises tidy and ensure all furniture is returned to the original layout. Hired events may require cleaning in order to return the College to operational standards 


The Hirer shall not cause damage to the premises of any kind. 

Should accidental damage occur, the Hirer shall notify the College at the first opportunity. If such notice does not occur or if, in the opinion of the College, the damage was caused by willful action or inaction on the part of the Hirer, the Hirer will be charged the full cost of repairs or replacement.


Access to other areas of the premises, not included in the booking, may be agreed at the discretion of the College. Unless such agreement is granted, access to all areas such as staff rooms, classrooms, office areas and laboratories is forbidden. The Hirer shall be responsible for the observance of these conditions of entry by all persons permitted by the hirer to enter the premises under the agreed booking. 


The Hirer or Hirer’s representative shall be in attendance at all times throughout the period of the booking and shall, at all such times, be responsible for the safe practice of any activity undertaken. 


The College reserves the right to refuse admission to any person to the establishment. The College shall have the right to expel or cause to be expelled any drunken or disorderly person, or any person acting in an unacceptable manner. 


The Hirer must at all times comply with any or all safety and security policies and procedures in force on the premises. Access to the doors and passages must not be obstructed at any time and any layout of equipment and/or seating must be agreed in advance and must not be altered without the permission of the College. 

The Hirer must also, at all times, comply with any reasonable instruction given by the College, in connection with safety and/or security. 

The Hirer shall not bring onto the premises any articles of an inflammable or explosive nature. 


Though it is very comprehensive, the insurance cover maintained by the States of Jersey, does not insure Hirers for accidents or injuries caused by or during the activity undertaken. 

The Hirer must be in possession of a Public Liability Insurance Policy, which shall be endorsed to note the interest of the States of Jersey, in respect of any hired facilities. The limit of indemnity is to be not less than £5 million and proof of such cover, noting the interest of the States of Jersey, will be required before the hiring commences. 

The Hirer, in the event of loss, theft, or damage to an item of equipment belonging to the School and on loan to the Hirer must reimburse the Education Sport and Culture up to the first £500 in the event of a claim, subject to the policy excess, if an increase occurs. 


Neither the College nor any of its employees shall be responsible for any damage to, or loss of, any property, whether belonging to the Hirer, or to any person using the premises during a booking or at any other time. In addition, equipment and materials may only be stored on the premises by prior arrangement with the College. 


  • No refreshments to be brought onto or sold within the premises without prior consent of the College. 
  • The College is a no smoking site and is prohibited in all internal and external areas. 
  • No alcohol of any kind may be brought onto the premises without the permission of the Principal or Head Teacher. 


The College must be consulted and must give their permission before broadcasting / television rights are agreed to, or film, video or photographs for any professional use or publication are taken. 


 The operation of any recording devices or amplification equipment shall only be carried out with the consent of the College. If such consent is given, the Hirer shall at all times respect the requirements of other users and neighbours of the premises and the College may at any time require that the level of sound be reduced. During the summer months all doors and windows must be shut at 7.00 pm and winter months 6.00 pm in order to prevent noise pollution. 

In the event of non-compliance with this condition, the College may immediately prohibit the use of the equipment or, failing this, terminate the booking. 


 Advertising posters or other such publicity may only be erected in the areas designated and with the consent of the College. Under no circumstance should any posters be secured to painted walls. 


 Adequate first aid precautions must be taken as appropriate by the hirer. Hirers must provide their own first aid kit at all times. Any injury to a person is the responsibility of the hirer and not the school. The hirer must keep a record of any first aid given and all injuries must be reported to the school at the earliest possible time. The College holds no responsibility for injuries and accidents.


The administration, organisation, and running of a particular event. Ensuring that all participants are appropriately dressed including footwear, that is appropriate for the particular activity and area in use. 


Charges for the use of the facilities shall be laid down by the College, which reserves the right to vary them with appropriate notice. 


 If any period of hire is cancelled or terminated by the College, as a result of a breach of any of these conditions, the Hirer shall remain liable for the charges due up to and including the time of hire termination. 


The Hirer must make all attendees to any event aware of the emergency procedures and assembly point(s) designated for the premises. 23. PARKING Often events have large numbers of people attending. If parking attendants are required an additional caretaker/s will need to be hired.

Facilities at Jersey College for Girls Available for Hire to Community Users

Cost per hour
Normal Class Room £20.00
Dance and Drama Studios £40.00
College Hall – Maximum of 400 persons with Bleacher Seating.
This area can be split into three separate areas if required.
Lecture Theatre with Video Projection (170) seats
IT Room, out of school and term time hours only
£200.00 per day
Catering and Dining Room Facilities
£200.00 per day
Home Economics Room 1 and Room 2  
Band Room
Outdoor Facilities

Astro-turf Tennis Courts with changing and showering facilities
Astro-turf Hockey Pitches with changing and showering facilities
£50.00 per match £25.00 1/2 pitch per hour  
Staff Costs

Caretakers £30.00
Caretakers - Sundays and Bank Holidays £50.00
Cleaning Costs

Housekeeping cleaners with the exception of below:
Creative Minds
Housekeeping cleaners – Sundays and Bank holidays
£25.00 per hour
£20.00 per hour
£35.00 per hour

Special hiring packages are available on negotiating through the College – please contact Gary Briggs, Site Manager, Jersey College for Girls  

Tel: 07797894421 e. mail: [email protected]  


Please be aware that if you do not keep to your booking times, you will be invoiced for any additional cost.