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Staff Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA) for use of Technology in College


We would like to give every JCG student and member of staff the opportunity to use up to date technology to support learning at the College. We believe that technology and the Internet provide many opportunities for learning, communication, creativity and freedom of expression. However, with advances in technology comes responsibility. It is essential that all members of JCG respect the privacy of others and protect their own online reputation and are aware that inappropriate use of technology can cause distress and harm to others, and lead to anti-social behaviour. We have asked all students to sign a similar AUA.

This is why we would like you to read and agree to the following Acceptable Use Agreement; to protect and limit the likelihood of harmful incidents to you and others and to help you make informed decisions.

Please do not view the AUA as a list of dos and don’ts, but a necessary agreement to protect you and the students in your care. In our ever changing ‘Tech World’, it is very easy to innocently use technology/Apps which may have potential data protection and eSafety issues.

When using a mobile device in school we would encourage staff (and students) to connect to the College filtered wireless network to access the Internet rather than opting for the unfiltered and costly 3G/4G networks. Using the College network will help us protect you from inappropriate and potentially distressing content – essential if the device is used for teaching. Please, help us to keep you safe online by registering your device for use on the College wireless network. To register your device you will need to take the device to the AVA office.

The Acceptable Use Agreement

When using the school network, school owned devices, personal mobile technology* in school and Office365 I agree to the following AUA: * smart phone, ipad, tablet, laptop

  • I know that the College networks are monitored and by connecting to the networks I give consent for this monitoring to take place.
  • I will password/passcode my device and not share with other users.
  • I understand that I must use 2 Factor Authentication for Office 365 access; this additional layer of security will allow us to store sensitive data in Office 365 (instead of old Q drive), in the Staff Sensitive folder only. I understand that sensitive data should not be stored in personal OneDrive folders or in the general staff area.
  • I will not share my network username and passwords with other users.
  • I will only use messaging Apps and Social Media during non-contact time.
  • I will not use Social Media, Messaging Apps, photo/video/audio Apps to cause hurt or embarrassment to another person or in any way which brings my professionalism into question.
  • I will not take photos or video/audio recordings of another person without their permission and am aware of which parents/ guardians have not given permission for their child to be photographed (Please see exceptions document in Sharepoint:
  • I will preview any online video before using it for teaching and learning, especially if the source is YouTube and take the necessary precautions.
  • I will not use technology for personal use during contact time.
  • I will not post/publish/upload to Office365 OneDrive images or video/audio recordings of other people on the Internet without first referring to of parental/guardian permission information
  • If I see a message, comment, image, or anything else online that makes me concerned for my personal safety or that of others I will report it immediately to either SM1 or Heads of School.
  • If I see a message, comment, image, or anything else online that causes hurt or embarrassment to a student, member of staff at JCG or someone known to me I will report it immediately to either Designated Safeguarding Lead 1 or Heads of School.
  • 1The Designated Safeguarding Lead (Mr Milner)
  • I understand that bullying whether online or other will not be tolerated and is strictly forbidden and I will act responsibly and with immediacy to protect those in my care.
  • I will not store any personal school-based data on web-based (cloud) services (e.g. iCloud and GoogleDrive) that are hosted outside Jersey unless permitted by the school and agreed by the Jersey Data Protection Commissioner. (Office365 is permitted)
  • Know the definition of sensitive data
  • I understand that before using any Apps for teaching and learning, beyond the school agreed Apps, I am required to write a risk assessment and have agreement from either Education or the College eSafety officer before use (eSafety Officer (Miss R Lea)) 
  • I agree to attend eSaftey training offered by the College or read documentation when requested to raise my awareness of the latest eSafety issues.
  • I understand that devices brought into school are done so at the owner’s own risk and should not contain any data which has the potential to bring harm or embarrassment to myself or others or bring the College reputation into disrepute.
  • Where possible I agree to install up-to-date anti-virus and other security software (such as privacy protection applications) on my device.
  • I understand that in signing the College loan agreement I am responsible for the security and data stored on the device. (If the device requires repair due to negligence/misuse within 3 years of its purchase, I expect to pay the cost for the full repair.)
  • I understand that if there is serious concern about the data stored on my personal or loaned devices external agencies including the police will be contacted.

Withdrawal of consent

Contravening the terms of this agreement may result in withdrawal of consent to use the school network and, in extreme cases, disciplinary action and/or the involvement of third-party agencies.